The complete social and immersive AR platform.

Fabric’s Social AR makes local connections visible with an embeddable SDK.

Fabric is a Social AR platform that offers brands

a new medium of communication to bring people, places and experiences to their customers in augmented reality

wherever they are.

Elevate your app with Social AR​

Use your brand identity to create the perfect look and feel for your customers to experience Social AR within your existing app.

Walking billboards

Use our proprietary GPS-enabled AR technology to create walking billboards with text, photo or video that invite real-time interaction between customers.

Immersive second-screen experiences

Transform your viewers’ media experience with GPS-enabled Social AR engagement to connect with others nearby.

Spark community connections 

Create the variety and serendipity of life in your community, reaching members wherever they are.

Within Fabric, universities, companies, organizations, celebrities, clubs and associations can create their own customized community Thread.


Fabric’s human-centered technology imitates conversations in real life so online comments can seamlessly lead to in-person conversations.