About Fabric

Fabric is a social augmented reality (AR) platform that provides brands a new medium of communication to bring people, places and experiences to their customers wherever they are. Fabric offers brands, media, and organizations solutions to fit each brand's needs, including white-label or custom embeds in any app and second screen immersive experiences.

Why Social AR

It’s time to reimagine AR, and introduce Social AR. At Fabric we believe that smart tech, particularly augmented reality (AR), can be a powerful tool to bring people together. 


Fabric creates a fully blended reality, bringing the core elements of AR together with an authentic social experience. 


Social AR can be the ultimate interactive platform for marketers to push beyond traditional communication and deliver immersive one-of-a-kind experiences in real-time. Fabric is excited to help marketers captivate their consumers and build richer engagement with their community. 


That’s how you create a new social fabric.


In The News

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Traditional AR vs. Social AR

Traditional AR technology overlays virtual objects in real-world scenarios, in real-time – enabling users to experience interactive, digital content through their mobile devices.


Our Social AR platform provides businesses a new medium of communication to bring people, places and experiences to their customers in augmented reality wherever they are. We use proprietary, GPS-enabled AR technology that creates the effect of walking billboards that move with the user, inviting real-time interaction between customers, and encouraging authentic connection that seamlessly leads to in-person conversations. 


By breaking down physical barriers and sharing ephemeral public messages, Fabric’s social AR gives brands and users the ability to discover and interact effortlessly. Fabric offers the full package of blended AR that is both social, bringing people together through a new medium of communication, and immersive, reaching digital natives on their terms.


With Fabric, brands are able to deliver messages directly to consumers in AR based on the user’s location, what they are watching or the community that they are part of, sparking conversations between consumers while sharing updates and offers from the brand itself.  

AR Increases Engagement

AR advertising will reach $1.41 billion this year, and $8.02 billion by 2024; it has grown 75% over last year.

NFL lenses for Superbowl LIII got 303 million views, 3x TV viewership of the game itself.

When AR is promised to consumers, email open rates jump to 81% compared with average rates of 21 %.

Source: ARtillery, 2020