Community Guidelines

We started Fabric to grow the social fabric, one in-person conversation at a time. 


Our world is more interconnected digitally but more disconnected socially than ever before. Everywhere, social division is growing, loneliness is spreading, and anxiety is rising. Our social fabric is threadbare. 

Fabric turns our phones from walls into windows, revealing the thoughts of the people around us, and inviting infinite possibilities for conversation and connection right where we are.

The more we use Fabric, the more we talk; the more we talk,the more we laugh; the more we laugh, the more we trust; the more we trust, the more good we can do together.

Fabric can turn a room full of strangers into a room full of people who share common threads. With Fabric, our daily routines can spark ever changing possibilities for conversation and connection. Fabric makes any place a meeting place and even a public square. With Fabric, we can meet the abundance of human kindness and imagination, and we might just come to trust there is always more than enough to go around.

At Fabric, we create moments where we are. We look forward to being part of yours.

Find your now!

Sarah Kass & Saul Garlick

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

Here’s how you can use Fabric:


  • You be you. You look great on the inside. And what you think matters.

  • Be where you are. You’re not missing out.

  • See where you are. If there are kids around, keep it kid-friendly.

  • Use your inside voice. No need to shout. Everyone can hear you.

  • Be curious. You never know. The post that makes you roll your eyes could belong to your next date or your future boss. Dare to learn more.

  • Look again. That post going on about the team you hate belongs to someone who loves sports as much as you do.

  • Let human happen. Sometimes the longest way around is the shortest way home.

  • Don’t like what someone says? The answer to bad speech can be more speech. The answer to really bad speech can be even more speech. Participate.

  • Bystanders vote for the bully. Report abusive or threatening speech to the nearest authority. Stand up for the kind of community you want to be part of.


Here’s what is unwelcome at Fabric:

  • Impersonation or spam. Fabric is all about being IRL. Leave the fake news online.

  • Sexually explicit posts. All Fabric posts are public--visible to everyone nearby. So keep it clean and clothed.

  • Harassment or bullying. Fabric is for diverse expression as long as it’s decent. Disagreeing is welcome. Harassment and bullying are not.

  • Threats, Violence or Harm. Fabric happens in public places. What is illegal in any public place is illegal in Fabric.

  • Illegal Content. What is illegal in any public place is illegal in Fabric.

  • Terrorism. What is illegal in any public place is illegal in Fabric.


Fabric is all about creating positive community. So if you see a post that violates these rules, please notify the nearest authority. You can also let us know by using our in-app reporting function. Violations will be handled within 24 hours and violating users may be ejected from the app.


If you violate these guidelines, we may terminate your Fabric account, and/or notify law enforcement. If we terminate your Fabric account for violating these guidelines, you may not use Fabric again.

Remember, the people we are waiting for are right around us. And that includes you.