Who We Are

Fabric is a social app in Augmented Reality (AR), which turns wherever you are into a place to meet new people. You can share messages, pictures and videos--as AR thought bubbles overhead--visible to anyone who happens to be nearby and spark conversations in real life.


Fabric gives you an “opener” to meet new people wherever you are.

Why Now

Today we are more interconnected digitally but more disconnected socially than ever before. Online we have an illusion of belonging. In real life, we don’t know how to start conversations even when we want to. And so we walk through the world always connected but often feeling we don't belong. 


Fabric is the first medium of communication to meet us both online and in real life at once, making it easier to spark conversations in real life. 


The more we talk, the more we laugh; the more we laugh, the more we trust; the more we trust, the closer we get to a world where everyone belongs.


The future is looking up!

Meet the Team

Sarah Kass

Founder & Co-CEO  

Believer in People. Visionary. Evangelist. Together we can change the world, as we are, wherever we are, with what we already have.

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Saul Garlick

Co-Founder & Co-CEO   

Strategist. Doer. System builder. Whatever It Takes. Clearing roadblocks to realize opportunities.

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Moise Cohen


AR Guru. Experience Designer. Animator. Making it pixel-perfect or not at all.

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Yahav Tako


Developer. GPS Wizard. AR Magician. Building world-class products for humanity.

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Julie Zwissler


Marketer. Connector. Strategist Community Builder. Sparking new conversations. Let’s chat!

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Ashley Dwyer

Community Manager

Activator-extraordinaire. Community Builder. Networker. Gets it done!

Dita Wohlauer

Finance Manager

Compliance-Checker. Number-Cruncher. Bookkeeper. Taking care of the details.

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Sonia Garcia

Project Coordinator

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Project Creator. System Manager. Passionate about social change.

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