Hello, Neighbor.

These are stressful times. When social distancing is required for our health, a sense of belonging is essential for our wellbeing. We can’t physically be together, so we've created a way to feel together.

Fabric is a safe way to stay locally connected without getting infected.


Isolation is so hard but it can be a little lighter if we are all connected. And we are all in this together!

You can open Fabric right to their camera to see and share messages in augmented reality. Messages can include text, photos and videos and appear as thought bubbles overhead and can be seen by everyone nearby through walls and other physical barriers. Using Fabric is easy. You can Post, See, Share, Swipe and Comment with others located within a half-mile around.

What is a Block Party in AR?


The opportunity for neighbors to get together, meet each other, have fun, and share the moment from the safety of your home… all in augmented reality!




Join us and help make your community strong!


Block Parties in AR:


South Bay, Sunday 3/22 at 4pm PT  

Pasadena, Sunday 3/22 at 4pm PT


Get your area on the list!

1. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Find a block party near you.

Here's how to participate:

3. When the Block Party starts open Fabric and share a thought, look around, and join the conversation! 

Treat Yourself

Take a break from all the stress of the moment, put on some music, grab a bite, and share what’s going on in your life. Others within a half mile will do the same. Join a conversation and make your community strong!

Be the connector that brings your community together during these uncertain times.

Sign up below to be a host for your area and we will help you make it happen! 

10 Reasons to join a Block Party in Augmented Reality:​

  1. Get to know your neighbors.

  2. Have fun!

  3. Feel a sense of belonging in your community.

  4. Learn a little about each other and know who might need a little extra help from time to time.

  5. No set-up.

  6. No double dipping (especially NOW!).

  7. No clean up.

  8. No street closures.

  9. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  10. It’s Free!

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